My room is my heaven

My room is the place I dream about. When I moved out of my parents house, I was unsure of how to make this second space even better than my childhood home. Finally after almost a year, I have done it.

Walking into IKEA can be an anxiety producing experience in itself. Just walking in. If you take your time though, you can find some amazing things.

First, I found my bed frame. I have always really wanted a bed frame that felt kind of royal, and a little old fashioned.

Next, I found the pictures to go along with it. While you can see one that has a beautiful display of a sleepy town, the other two on the left hand side are a saying of “love you more” and a tree. All of these are symbolic and deeply personal to me. They are what I see as soon as I walk into my room, while I’m getting into bed, and right before I close my eyes.

My bedding completes my safe space. My sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton with a very high thread count. I have had them for many, many years. If you invest in very good sheets and take good care of them, they will last you. My comforter is a microfiber comforter that keeps me warm all year round. I even use it during the summer. I also have a quilt, and a top blanket on top. I run cold at night and sleep with a fan on. I’m someone who likes to be surrounded by a million blankets and pillows so this is how I achieve my bed heaven!




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