Finals, Finals, and more Finals




As the last few weeks of school come to close I just want to give some tips on how to deal with finals.

  • Make a plan
    • Plan out when you will be studying or typing up those papers
  • STICK to the plan
    • Don’t deviate away from the plan
  • Get sleep
    • It’s tempting as hell to pull all nighters and cram but they don’t do anything to help you. Sleep is your friend!
  • Plan in some time for fun, or just some you time!
    • While studying and school needs to be the first and foremost on your brain, you need to know when you need a break! Planning some you time can seriously increase your chances of success

If you commit to these simple tips you should be just fine in passing those finals! It’s all about time management! You got this guys! Best of luck!



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