And how do you spell your name?


I actually get asked this question every single time I go to Starbucks. My answer is always the same. I always say “Which ever way you feel like”. I usually get a weird look and end up having to give the spelling of my name people because are curious. It’s not really a difficult name but people seem to get really thrown off by the first “y” in Lyndsey. Autocorrect hates it, spellcheck can’t seem to ever let me live, and teachers always call it unique. My all time favorite is the Starbucks barista who tries to relate to me and tell me she knows my struggle because her name is Lindsey with an “e” and she could never get a key chain when we were younger because they were always with an “a”. That always drove me nuts! I never in my 23 years of life have gotten a key chain or anything personalize without having to pay extra for it because of how I have spelled my name.

There is a solid reason for why my name is spelled Lyndsey. My mom always wanted me to be able to shorten my name to Lynn is I ever decided to do so. Which was a wonderful idea, but I never wanted to. Somehow, I got used to my name being spelled this way, and eventually even fell in love with it.

I think around third grade I really started to fall in love with my name because we learned to write in cursive. For all you people who don’t understand what that is anymore, it’s when you sign your name. I loved the way the letters looked together and suddenly it didn’t matter that my name was never going to be on a key chain or anything personalized. My name became beautiful to me.

If you look my name up in urban dictionary it will say:

“Lyndsey is a girl who has natural beauty that will amaze even the pickiest menaround. She knows how to make you laugh and can take a joke without freaking out. She is a generous person who helps people when they need her. She is an overall gem, and a magnificent catch for any man. If you have a Lyndsey you better hold on to her because someone is waiting for there chance to sweep her off her feet.”

I would have to agree! Would hate to read that if you were one of my ex’s! 😉


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