Catchy title right? This bar is pretty catchy. What? I’m not really sure to be honest but here is what I can tell you. With a small bar menu it may seem as there isn’t much to eat but in reality there is plenty for all. If a burger is what you’re into, they have it. If salad is more what you’re looking for, they have an awesome set of salads. My favorite is the Summer Harvest salad that should be making a debut to the menu any day now. A solid back up would be the shrimp and arugula salad.

With a few constant soups on I am always sure to be pleased by the cream of crab soup. It is a cream based soup so if you are trying to stay away from dairy I would have to suggest taking a pass on this delicious treat, but if you have the go ahead, go ahead! There are only a few entree options but this is a pub so quick, and with quality is the style. Don’t come here looking to feast live it’s Thanksgiving.

To focus on what’s truly important, MaGerk’s has a constant rotation of taps and the list is pretty lengthy. If you come in looking for a beer you had last week there is a pretty realistic chance that it might not be there. Usually there are only one or two kegs in the beer cooler and once it’s gone, it’s gone. This keeps the customer regularly coming back, and guessing for whats coming next. Some restaurants have an app called “on deck”, which might significantly improve the constant question of what’s upcoming on tap for the large bar, but MaGerk’s does not participate in the program. A small flaw in an otherwise pretty flawless bar plan. In addition to the tap system they also crafted “crushes” which are rum, vodka, and gin based drinks that are a joy to drink. Happy hour sets them at 6 bucks. Get them. Seriously, do it. The southside crush is like drinking a cool summer day in a mason jar.


Seating over 40 in the main bar, and an additional 15 in the second bar, MaGerk’s can accommodate  any type of party.  With extra patio space for dinner and bar drinking, you can enjoy a nice summers night, the fresh breeze, all while enjoy the company you’re with. Just make sure to go through your server. It’s only fair! The entire place seats about 400 so seriously, bring everyone you know. They can handle it.

So I guess you should #MakeItMaGerks for your next happy hour party!


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