I’ll be there for you!1


Only true Friends fan will understand the title. If you don’t understand, my heart hurts for you. For years I have had a serious addiction to the off air television show Friends.

The main characters; Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler are simply the most relatable people in the entire world. Why? Well, they depict things that even in a different “generation” I’m going through in my young 20’s now. For example, Rachel was a spoiled rich girl who needed to cut herself off from her parents and learn how to fend for herself. I’m not saying I’m rich by any means but I too separated myself from my parents home and learned how to manage my own money and while I was doing all this, I really felt like Rachel!

I relate to Monica and Chandler who often feel lost when it comes to love. They give it shot after shot and can’t ever seem to get it right, but find love within each other. Although I find love within my self, it was beautiful to watch how love was pretty much directly in front of them the whole time. While Ross and Rachel also eventually fall in love together, you sort of see that coming. It’s a love story that you just keep betting on. It’s on the you never give up hope on. A true fairy tell ending, if those still exist.

Phoebe might be the person I personally identify with the most. She has been through a million struggles. She has been through more hardships, and has more character about her than all of them combined. She can be bubbly, weird, funny, sarcastic, and serious all in on scene. She keeps you guessing as to what personality she will bring to the table. I identify with that. Phoebe brings life to the show and cares more about her other cast mates than can be described. While it takes her a little longer to adapt to the “normal” things in life like a job, relationships, and things of that nature she eventually does it. She also does all of it with her own style. She’s just a bad ass chick!

As I wrap up my final week of the spring semester a friend of mine sent me this link from the Odyssey.

Take a look and let me know if you fall in love with Friends as much as I have. It’s really awesome. Available to stream on Netflix!


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