You MUST be mad!

Mexican food is probably one of the things I crave the most. It’s not a constant craving, but it’s a “must have, right this moment” kind of craving. When I lived in Philadelphia I used to hop on I95 and jet down near the Art Museum to absolute favorite restaurant. Right behind the old penitentiary is an amazingly authentic Mexican style eatery.  Taken there first by my eldest brother, La Calaca Feliz has always been my favorite Mexican restaurant. Previously I have mentioned that I’m gluten free so eating can be really hard a lot of the time. La Calaca Feliz not only was accommodating, but eager to help find me delicious options to fill my belly! 


So when I moved and my cravings hit, what was a girl to do?! Find a new spot is what! My boyfriend took me to a place in Willow Grove not all too far from Penn State Abington’s campus. It was called Mad Mex. Decorated with interesting art work, funky figures, and intriguing sculptures, Mad Mex seemed to have an authentic feel to it. The servers had a laid back vibe going dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers.  The menu wasn’t overwhelming which was a good thing because I get easily intimidated by large menu’s. I decided on the Mahi Mahi tacos on corn tortilla, deconstructed just a bit. I sort of put everything on the side so I could add it myself to make sure I liked it. Childish, I know! My boyfriend got the Wing-o Taco which is apparently all he gets from there because it’s just so good, according to him. Unfortunately, I am not able to try it because the wings are breading and I’m allergic to gluten but from the facial expressions I was witnessing I didn’t even need to take his word for it. I could literally see it. I’m sure my facial expressions where just as comparable too because there was absolutely nothing left on my plate. What was once a deconstructed plate was a destroyed plate with not even a crumb left. We even got a plate of waffle fries to share and they were gone too. They were the good kind. You know the ones I mean. The big ones that are super crispy but fluffy inside. Yum! Can’t even type without stopping to send a text to the boyfriend to ask when we’re going back. (He said we can go back Monday!! Insert happy face here! Ha!)


With all the delicious food just placed in front of me, what was I drinking you may have asked? I was drinking a “Big Asz (play on the word Aztec) Margarita” which is a 32 ounce margarita that can come on the rock or frozen. I like my margarita frozen with a sugar rim. Anything that has sugary goodness is the drink for me. I must warn you that these drinks are not for the faint hearted. They are loaded with tequila which makes the experience all the more fun. Remember the decorations I was talking about? They became my props as I reenacted multiple movie scenes after just one. God Bless my boyfriend.

So if you’re like me and those random craving just WON’T go away head over to Mad Mex. My cravings have been satisfied and I am a content small adult!




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