Table for two, please!

On this stop we travel to to a family friendly brunch. Now, sorry over 21 friends but no alcohol here; however we have an amazing coffee shop attached called Cowabunga. They serve the highest grade Arabica bean and with a beautiful twist to boot. My absolute fave is the Nutty Irishman. It comes with hazelnut and a whipped cream topping. Yum!

To eat they have something for all. You are able to get either the brunch or lunch menu at any time while in the establishment. The menu ranges from pancakes, waffles, and French toast to skillets filled with everything you could imagine. I got the Wilbur and it is described as “filled with crushed bacon, potatoes, avocado and diced tomato. Topped with melted Monterey jack cheese. Eggs your way.” All of that for only $8.25! Presentation is always something that you look for in a new place and these folks hit the mark. The plate came out as cute a button.


On top of the great food, the service was really awesome. I can really attest to that because outside of being a student my actual job is a server so I know what to look for. This restaurant was PACKED and I mean PACKED. We had to wait a while to get a table but once we sat down we no longer felt that “wait”. We didn’t feel like we were being rushed or that we had to hurry to eat our food because our server was concerned about flipping the table. We felt like actual people, and honestly, it was really nice. Waters never went below the half way mark, which is a major pet peeve of mine. I can not stand when I go to take a drink and am having to eat an ice cube to quench a thirst.

Some logistics about the space; the actual seating is limited so make reservations if you can even for a party of two. Wait times can be long on the weekends because the entire world is thinking the same thing you are. Brunch is awesome. We know it, and so do you. Just be patient because it really is worth the wait. The restaurant is open daily from 8am to 3pm so make sure you give your self enough time to get there. Yelp gives the restaurant 4 stars but I give it 5!

Talk soon, real soon!

Ps: All information regarding the food menu was received directly from the Turning point menu found online. 


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