Summer at last


The last few days we have been so spoiled with the warm weather. It was almost like we skipped right passed winter and spring and went right into summer! Trust me, I am not complaining. My favorite season is fall with a close second by summer. In winter I usually suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. It causes me to get low on energy, and I usually am less motivated to do things so with this warm weather and sun shining I was determined to get out and get moving. 

Ironically, I am not the only one SAD affects as well. My 17 year old dog Clover suffers from the condition as well. So when the weather hit 70 degrees on Thursday, Clover and I hit the pavement of Warminster Park. The park has multiple trails, but since it was so nice we took the long way around. It was so fun to see the difference between Clover’s mood from the start of the walk to the finish. She started out low on energy and ended prancing and almost wanting to keep going. In between our walk we stopped at designated stops throughout the park that had work out opportunities for walkers, runners, and bikers. These stops had instructions and Clover surely got a kick out of my attempts at the work outs. I didn’t realize how out of shape I am! This winter has kept me inside for far too long. 


Heading back to the car, it was clear the Clover was clearly hot so the next obvious answer was Rita’s Water Ice which had its open day in my neighborhood. Clover got a vanilla ice cream while I indulged in a medium gelati with vanilla ice cream and mango water ice. It was delicious and worth it. I also put some sprinkles on top! Rita’s is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. It is a common place to meet new friends, and bring old friends. They have outdoor seating, however that is it so it is weather permitting. It really is just a great place to hang out, relax, and people watch (which happens to be one of my favorite passed times). 


After soaking up as much vitamin D (the vitamin that helps fight SAD) as we possible could, we both decided to call it a day and head home. Clover is 17 years old and can only handle small doses of activity before needing to nap. We had such an amazing day and with my pup being as old as she is, we cherish the memories that we get to make together, and being able to spend time just her and I was exactly what we both needed it seemed.

Sadly, after posting this blog, Clover passed away. She lived the longest and happiest life. My family was blessed and happy to have had such an amazing life with her. She will be missed dearly.


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