Movies, dinner, and reeeeelax


Going the movies used to be all the rage when you I was a teenager but after a while I sort have stopped going. It may have been because I got a job and couldn’t go as much, but it also may have been because it became too boring. It was simply not enough. Movie sales started to go down, so it must not have just been me who was feeling that way.


About two years ago a new trend came around and it really caught on fire. All of a sudden there was a new king of the castle. Movie Tavern entered the neighborhood with some new and exciting ideas. The Movie Tavern allows you to enjoy a movie while also enjoy dinner and drinks at the same time. Movie Tavern has reclining chairs that allow you to be able to relax while being stimulated by the movies. Some people are concerned that the disruption of a server might distract you but I found it to be not an issue. I actually enjoyed having the interaction. I felt like I was going back in time. I could only imagine what movies might have been like when they first debuted.

Dinner was actually truly delightful. I really enjoyed the large amount of options and wide variety. They had mostly finger foods, but they also had a sizable amount of entrees. I stuck with something safe, a Cobb salad. I liked that the salad dressing was tossed in. I also got tortilla and dips to share with the other people that I was with. This was a large appetizer and we all had plenty to try between the four of us, which was great. I didn’t feel like any one was fighting for the last chip. The gentleman got refreshing large, and I mean really large, draft beers, and I got sangria. I really hate when sangrias use and overwhelming amount of wine and skimp out on the fruit but that was not an issue here.


Why I loved Movie Tavern so much was because it took away the hassle of having to pack dinner and a movie into a four hour experience. I simply jumped into the car and made it into a two-hour experience. I work pretty much full time, and in am school full time as well, so my time becomes very limited. Having a place understand that I want things to be compact really suits my needs. The only downfall of the Movie Tavern is that you do need to plan a trip in advance. This place is so amazing and people are so excited about it that they are planning trips well in advance and getting seats together, and not in the very front row, can be tricky if you are thinking of going last minute. I will definitely continue planning my trips to Movie Tavern and enjoying the new age cinema through this new found entertainment feature that I highly recommend!


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