Full Steam Ahead


Tucked away on Second Street Pike happens to be one of my favorite bars, er, well pubs. Steam pub has been a recent discovery for my friends and I. Down to the food during the day for a quick lunch, up to the night life when we have a girls night out with shots and drinks flowing.

When you first walk up to steam you may not be expecting much. Rich with history, this once train car looks small but looks can be deceiving. You are first greeted by a host (depending on arrival time, late night crowds will not have a host) to the right and a large bar decorated by bottles and Steam Pub Apparel. When you tilt your head slightly up you will see all the beers listed on tap. They are displayed via TV’s and you can actually see how much beer is left in the actual keg! It was the coolest thing ever. It was also the most ingenious marketing plan I’ve ever seen. Think about it, if you’re debating on a higher end beer that’s about to run out, or a Miller Lite beer, you may be more tempted to go with the higher end beer that’s about to run out!

The bartenders at Steam are awesome. Josh and Lauren are rock stars. In for lunch and in for later drinks, they were there both times and remembered me regardless. It was somewhat shocking. I’m not always a fan of drinks that have too much alcohol in them, or if I can taste the alcohol in my drink I usually end up nursing it all night long. Josh remembered that and fixed me a mixed drink that was gluten free too! It was DELICIOUS! Chocolate Martini that had me ordering more. A very rare occurrence! Listening to Josh and Lauren rattle information off about craft beers was also really impressive. I’m not one know much about beer, since I’m unable to drink them, but craft beers have lately taken over all bars and have become a science. Ask Josh or Lauren. They defiantly know a thing or two. Drinks are priced just right too!

The food is pretty great too. With a wide variety of choices you can pretty much get anything you want. I took a risk and strayed away from the traditional pub burger or salad and went with the Shepherds Pie. “Slow cooked beef simmered with peas, carrots, and sage in savory beef stock and topped with a golden potato crust” and worth every….single….bite. Honestly, it was probably worth the trip back to get more. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it to be totally honest. It came out on a skillet to keep it warm and toasty. So delicious. The food is priced appropriately as well.


Online you can find information about Steam. They have an active Facebook page that announces when they will have a DJ, live music, and events for the weekend. This is pretty common. They usually always have something going on Friday and Saturday night to entertain their patrons. They also really utilize their website. They have displays of new cocktails, countdowns to upcoming events, and you can make a reservation as well. You can also make reservations for a private party. Food, drink, and special menus can also be found on the website as well. People on Yelp seem to be just as impressed as I am too.
Seriously guys, head on over. Tell Josh I sent you. It’s worth it.

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