Hi! I’m Lyndsey!


Introductions can be boring, mundane, and a pain to read. So, I promise I will do my absolute best not to bore you. My name is Lyndsey. I was born in 1993 in the greatest city in the world, Philadelphia! While I was young, being outside for most of the evening was always a staple. Once the sun went down, you could almost guarantee that you could find me in front of the TV watching MTV Laguna Beach, and when I was a little older it was The Hills.

Lauren Conrad slowly became an inspiration to me. I remember there was an episode where Lauren was given an opportunity in her internship to fly to her bosses location and deliver a dress for fashion week. She was shown taking the red eye, changing in cabs to make herself presentable, and when she arrived with this dress was given a simple “Thank you. That’s all” and was right back on a flight to California. My heart broke for her but I have already had so many of those moments in my life. Oh, don’t feel too bad for Lauren now if you were concerned. She is running an amazing empire, while married, and is expecting her first child. Lauren to be is who I idolize and look up to when I see myself getting off track.


So why am I ranting and raving about this woman? My blog will be similar to hers, however, I am gluten free. What does that even mean? It means my body can’t break down the enzyme that is whey, wheat. So my kitchen is gluten free, but realistic. I haven’t always been like this so I make my recipes as close to normal as possible. I am also in the process of losing some serious pounds. Health and weight lose is going to be a major inspiration to this blog. Hand in hand with that is going to be some easy at home work outs that if I can do before class, before work, before going out; you can do! Finally, I will throw in an adventure or two in there because I’m sure you will get bored of my home and everyone needs a night out here and there! So, if you’re asking what my theme of this blog is; it’s lifestyle. This is a lifestyle blog!

I can’t wait to explore the next year with you guys. It’s going to be amazing with lots of adventure and a lot of really fun memories. Are you ready? I am!


Talk soon



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