Congratulations Lauren!



Congratulations are in order for the lady who inspired all of my blogging. Lauren Conrad and her husband, William Tell, are expecting their first child together. She posted about the pregnancy in January with a sonogram and stated something along the lines of thinking that this was going to be the best year yet! I couldn’t agree more.

Lauren has been such an inspiration to many females across the globe. While she has been pregnant she has expanded her empire to including maternity clothing. It seems fitting since she is an expecting mother.

Other cast mates from The Hills are also expecting as of late such as Whitney, and Heidi. Stealing the show again there Heidi?

In any case, I am so excited to see all the amazing pictures of Lauren and Will’s baby. They are going to make amazing parents. With all of Lauren’s amazing taste I can just imagine how perfect the baby’s nursery is going to be! I hope we get a sneak peek! Congrats again Lauren, we wish you nothing but the best!



Finals, Finals, and more Finals




As the last few weeks of school come to close I just want to give some tips on how to deal with finals.

  • Make a plan
    • Plan out when you will be studying or typing up those papers
  • STICK to the plan
    • Don’t deviate away from the plan
  • Get sleep
    • It’s tempting as hell to pull all nighters and cram but they don’t do anything to help you. Sleep is your friend!
  • Plan in some time for fun, or just some you time!
    • While studying and school needs to be the first and foremost on your brain, you need to know when you need a break! Planning some you time can seriously increase your chances of success

If you commit to these simple tips you should be just fine in passing those finals! It’s all about time management! You got this guys! Best of luck!


My room is my heaven

My room is the place I dream about. When I moved out of my parents house, I was unsure of how to make this second space even better than my childhood home. Finally after almost a year, I have done it.

Walking into IKEA can be an anxiety producing experience in itself. Just walking in. If you take your time though, you can find some amazing things.

First, I found my bed frame. I have always really wanted a bed frame that felt kind of royal, and a little old fashioned.

Next, I found the pictures to go along with it. While you can see one that has a beautiful display of a sleepy town, the other two on the left hand side are a saying of “love you more” and a tree. All of these are symbolic and deeply personal to me. They are what I see as soon as I walk into my room, while I’m getting into bed, and right before I close my eyes.

My bedding completes my safe space. My sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton with a very high thread count. I have had them for many, many years. If you invest in very good sheets and take good care of them, they will last you. My comforter is a microfiber comforter that keeps me warm all year round. I even use it during the summer. I also have a quilt, and a top blanket on top. I run cold at night and sleep with a fan on. I’m someone who likes to be surrounded by a million blankets and pillows so this is how I achieve my bed heaven!



And how do you spell your name?


I actually get asked this question every single time I go to Starbucks. My answer is always the same. I always say “Which ever way you feel like”. I usually get a weird look and end up having to give the spelling of my name people because are curious. It’s not really a difficult name but people seem to get really thrown off by the first “y” in Lyndsey. Autocorrect hates it, spellcheck can’t seem to ever let me live, and teachers always call it unique. My all time favorite is the Starbucks barista who tries to relate to me and tell me she knows my struggle because her name is Lindsey with an “e” and she could never get a key chain when we were younger because they were always with an “a”. That always drove me nuts! I never in my 23 years of life have gotten a key chain or anything personalize without having to pay extra for it because of how I have spelled my name.

There is a solid reason for why my name is spelled Lyndsey. My mom always wanted me to be able to shorten my name to Lynn is I ever decided to do so. Which was a wonderful idea, but I never wanted to. Somehow, I got used to my name being spelled this way, and eventually even fell in love with it.

I think around third grade I really started to fall in love with my name because we learned to write in cursive. For all you people who don’t understand what that is anymore, it’s when you sign your name. I loved the way the letters looked together and suddenly it didn’t matter that my name was never going to be on a key chain or anything personalized. My name became beautiful to me.

If you look my name up in urban dictionary it will say:

“Lyndsey is a girl who has natural beauty that will amaze even the pickiest menaround. She knows how to make you laugh and can take a joke without freaking out. She is a generous person who helps people when they need her. She is an overall gem, and a magnificent catch for any man. If you have a Lyndsey you better hold on to her because someone is waiting for there chance to sweep her off her feet.”

I would have to agree! Would hate to read that if you were one of my ex’s! ūüėČ

I’ll be there for you!1


Only true Friends fan will understand the title. If you don’t understand, my heart hurts for you. For years I have had a serious addiction to the off air television¬†show Friends.

The main characters; Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler are simply the most relatable people in the entire world. Why? Well, they depict things that even in a different “generation” I’m going through in my young 20’s now. For example, Rachel was a spoiled rich girl who needed to cut herself off from her parents and learn how to fend for herself. I’m not saying I’m rich by any means but I too separated myself from my parents home and learned how to manage my own money and while I was doing all this, I really felt like Rachel!

I relate to Monica and Chandler who often feel lost when it comes to love. They give it shot after shot and can’t ever seem to get it right, but find love within each other. Although I find love within my self, it was beautiful to watch how love was pretty much directly in front of them the whole time. While Ross and Rachel also eventually fall in love together, you sort of see that coming. It’s a love story that you just keep betting on. It’s on the you never give up hope on. A true fairy tell ending, if those still exist.

Phoebe might be the person I personally identify with the most. She has been through a million struggles. She has been through more hardships, and has more character about her than all of them combined. She can be bubbly, weird, funny, sarcastic, and serious all in on scene. She keeps you guessing as to what personality she will bring to the table. I identify with that. Phoebe brings life to the show and cares more about her other cast mates than can be described. While it takes her a little longer to adapt to the “normal” things in life like a job, relationships, and things of that nature she eventually does it. She also does all of it with her own style. She’s just a bad ass chick!

As I wrap up my final week of the spring semester a friend of mine sent me this link from the Odyssey.

Take a look and let me know if you fall in love with Friends as much as I have. It’s really awesome. Available to stream on Netflix!



Catchy title right? This bar is pretty catchy. What? I’m not really sure to be honest but here is what I can tell you. With a small bar menu it may seem as there isn’t much to eat but in reality there is plenty for all. If a burger is what you’re into, they have it. If salad is more what you’re looking for, they have an awesome set of salads. My favorite is the Summer Harvest salad that should be making a debut to the menu any day now. A solid back up would be the shrimp and arugula salad.

With a few constant soups on I am always sure to be pleased by the cream of crab soup. It is a cream based soup so if you are trying to stay away from dairy I would have to suggest taking a pass on this delicious treat, but if you have the go ahead, go ahead! There are only a few entree options but this is a pub so quick, and with quality is the style. Don’t come here looking to feast live it’s Thanksgiving.

To focus on what’s truly important, MaGerk’s has a constant rotation of taps and the list is pretty lengthy. If you come in looking for a beer you had last week there is a pretty realistic chance that it might not be there. Usually there are only one or two kegs in the beer cooler and once it’s gone, it’s gone. This keeps the customer regularly coming back, and guessing for whats coming next. Some restaurants have an app called “on deck”, which might significantly improve the constant question of what’s upcoming on tap for the large bar, but MaGerk’s does not participate in the program. A small flaw in an otherwise pretty flawless bar plan. In addition to the tap system they also crafted “crushes” which are rum, vodka, and gin based drinks that are a joy to drink. Happy hour sets them at 6 bucks. Get them. Seriously, do it. The southside crush is like drinking a cool summer day in a mason jar.


Seating over 40 in the main bar, and an additional 15 in the second bar, MaGerk’s can accommodate ¬†any type of party. ¬†With extra patio space for dinner and bar drinking, you can enjoy a nice summers night, the fresh breeze, all while enjoy the company you’re with. Just make sure to go through your server. It’s only fair! The entire place seats about 400 so seriously, bring everyone you know. They can handle it.

So I guess you should #MakeItMaGerks for your next happy hour party!

My new cider obsession

I have a new obsession. It comes in the form of a cider. As a bar tender I have been more frequently asked for a replacement for Angry Orchard. I can’t blame people for wanting to replace the overly sweetened drink. Drinking just one of those angry things gives me an extreme hang over. So what does one suggestion?


Enter Austin East Ciders. With a variety of flavors in cans and on draft there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you like a drier cider, they have it. If you still are looking for something sweet there is pineapple and honey. How about something right in the middle for summer? Blood Orange is there to quench your thirst. Perfect for a hot summer day, and with no unnecessary amounts of sugar added to the can.

Austin East Ciders prides itself on getting its apples right from Europe so the tannins from the juices are made to perfection. A major selling point that I will keep pointing out is that they use roughly two-thirds less sugar than their competitors and quoted from their website “Translation: less time spent at the gym, more time enjoying a cider you can feel good about drinking”.

In my personal opinion, this cider far out passes any cider out there. I have tried a bunch and I will continue to push this product on any customer that comes my way. My current bar has the honey and I love it. It is not overly sweet, but still has the crisp and light taste. Cider is a cider, and it’s never not going to have a bit of sweetness to it so I really love the honey flavor to it.

Go over to their website and see where you can find the closest product to you. It might even be my bar! See you soon!

College and the Afterlife

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has been asking me what I want to do when I graduate. I think this might be one of the most dangerous questions to ask a college senior unless they openly know what they want to do. Why? Frankly, it’s an intimidating question. Here’s why:

  • What if I really have no idea what I want to do?
  • What if college is really all I have set out to do?
  • What if I’m unsure about my degree and thinking about changing career paths?

Asking someone who is graduating college soon what company they’re planning to work for when they graduate is equally as dangerous. For me, I would LOVE to work for company like Vanguard, but I often just refer to it as my top company that I’m aiming for. Why? Well, what happens if I don’t get into Vanguard? I would feel like I set myself up to explain to a lot of people why I went in another direction. While I’m sure those people would be happy for me, it would still be an awkward conversation because I probably conveyed how deeply I wanted to work for that company.

So tips for college grads:

  • Be honest.
    • If you don’t know what you want to do, say it! There’s no shame in being honest about your realistic plans.
  • Just say “I plan to get a job in the marketing, PR, HR, etc. field”.
    • This keeps things broad and no one will be any of the wiser.
  • Be proud because you’re graduating.
    • This is a task that not many people accomplish so take some pride in that and show it off!

Don’t ever sell yourself short and always be proud of your degree, no matter what degree it is. You make it what it is. Take the education your worked for and make it into something. Go out and be the leaders of tomorrow!

Spruce Street Harbor is BACK!

sshp-6947-1500uw-780x519[1].jpgThat’s right folks, it’s BACK! I could not be more excited.¬†Philadelphia’s official opening for spring and summer has finally been given a date. May 12 just got a bunch more exciting! Spruce Street Harbor will be opening to the public. Can you tell I’m pumped?


Spruce Street Harbor is free to the public. You pay for drinks and food as you go. Hammocks and dining space are first come, first serve and some people do spend a long time there so be patient. The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation¬†sponsors the¬†coolest¬†thing Philly has to offer (in my opinion). ¬†With floating barges and over the water seating, you can literally spend all day just relaxing, eating and drinking with friends. Local eaterys such as Franklin Fountain (YUM), Garces Group, Chickie’s and Pete’s, Federal Donuts are all set to return to the amazing setting.

Not enough to convince you? A large draft selection will be set to the rotation draft line and a rotating cocktail list is set to debut as well. Wine will be set to a seasonal list.

Still not enough? Did I mentional that this year they are adding an additonal 25 hammocks due to popular demand.

Opening weekend will be entertaining guests with a three-day-long event of tight-ropes, and an aerial show by the Philly Circus, a magic show, and live music.

Make sure you get down there because closing weekend is October 1st and it fast approaches even if we like it or not!

Being organized has always been a downfall of mine. Struggling to stay on top of school work, work, and just a regular daily routine is difficult if it’s not in your nature. It’s taken me 23 years to figure out how to master staying organized and on track with my schedule and I’m going to explain to you guys how I did it.

First, get a large monthly white board.


Something like this works really well for me. I found that at the beginning of the week when I write my appointments it gives my brain a small reminder that I have appointments coming up. I also hung this so I see it every single day, as soon as I wake up, and I pass it multiple times a day. This way I can see my appointments regularly and am aware of what is coming up daily.

Another thing I do with this white board is reward myself via check marks. How silly does that sound? However, it’s really rewarding to give myself check marks for showing up to all my appointments and getting to check those appointments off. It’s a personal thing, I guess! I feel very accomplished when I am able to see at the end of the month that I’ve barely missed any classes, work, or extra appointments.

In addition to this, I have a daily planner. I write EVERYTHING in it. If I have work, or an appointment, class, or homework it gets written down in it. Even on the weekends. It helps me stay on track. I think writing things down helps me visualize what exactly needs to be done during my week.

A great planner should be large enough for you to write as much information as your personal schedule holds. My schedule is busy and my classes often hold a lot of homework so I opt for the large planner like this:


If these tips work for someone who used to be super disorganized and constantly had to reschedule appointments for being late, it could work for you. Give it a try and let me know what works for you!